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$100 Real Estate Gift Certificate Program

How it works

To sign up, you need to fill out the sign up form & upload your business card.

Upon receipt, each real estate sales associate receives 5 certificates in the mail. These should be given to home buyers on the day of closing. The certificate include:

$100 certificate that may be applied toward any new purchase at Dunk & Bright. A valid purchase will be at least $999.
This certificate must only be issued on the day of the closing to home buyers whom you represent.
Only one certificate may be issued against each house purchase. Multiple certificates for each household will not be honored at the store.
How do you get more certificates

Once you've used all five certificates, please upload the completed Real Estate Promotion Form. This form must include the names, new home addresses and, if available, the emails of the individuals to whom the certificates were issued.

What's in it for you?

We track each certificate issued and redeemed. Once five certificates issued to you have been redeemed by your clients, you will receive a special "Half Off" certificate. This entitles you to buy any one item in our store at half the sale price marked on the floor. For example, if we had a king bed on the floor regularly priced at $3000 and on sale at $2500, you could buy that item for $1250 with your certificate. Some exclusions apply.